my name is Adriena Halasi Vyzulová and now you’re reading  my blog dedicated to the adventurous travel in Africa. I fell in love with Africa because of the beauty of its nature- incredible landscapes, pristine forests and exotic plant species, but especially wild animals in such quantities you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. You can go on an easily organized jeep safari into savanna, where you’ll see elephants, giraffes and lions almost like in a ZOO. Even so, it is an incredible experience which I would recommend to anyone who’s never been to Africa. But for those more experienced and less-comfortable, true adventure awaits in Africa’s mountains and jungles. And that’s what this blog is dedicated to. Since I have been working for several years as a tour guide, I know that up-to-date and accurate information from this part of the world is worth gold.


2 years round the world trip

It took quite a long time and lots of travel for me to fall in love with the jungles.  At the university I also worked as a flight attendant, using the complimentary tickets to travel all my free time.  After university, I worked several years in an open-space office in Prague, but finally had to run away back to travel – this time a two-year trip around the world. Now, I have visited more than 70 countries of the world, I travel privately and professionally as a tour guide in Asia and Africa.  I prefer nature to the city, I watched tigers in India, walked hand-in-hand with orangutan in Indonesia, dived with sharks in Borneo, caressed koala in Australia, caught a glimpse of a jaguar in Pantanal, Brazil, caught caymans in the Amazon and trekked mountain gorillas in Uganda. I also prefer traditional cultures to the civilized, I set out to meet Indians near Brazil-Peru-Colombia triboarder in the Amazon, former Naga headhunters in India or explored the primeval Omo Valley tribes in Ethiopia on a motorbike.

Writting and travel blogging

With this trip I started my own travel blog in Czech only.

In 2012, I also started working as a tour guide  in Asia and Africa for Czech travel agency CK Livingstone: http://www.livingstone.cz/o-nas/nas-tym-a-pruvodci/nasi-pruvodci/

And began to publish in Czech print media such as Cosmopolitan or Travel Focus, but the closest cooperation was established with Czech magazine Koktejl where I published more than 20 articles and 13 contributions in my own column From the adventurer’s diary (2016/17): http://blechavbatohu.cz/category/media/

In addition, I contribute to Czech websites of Forbes and Lonely Planet.

Travel with family

Everyone already knows, that travel is not just for the rich, but I am a living proof that is not only for the young with no family. I have met my husband on the road, in 2016 our daughter was born and 1 year later she already visited  11 countries on 2 continents. Travel with kids is quite a different story that has its ups and downs. My experiences and tips on this topic can be found in Czech only here

My favorite parts of Africa

My favorite places in Africa include the classic safari in Tanzania and Kenya, all in Ethiopia (for its incredible cultural diversity), the western part of Uganda  (Ruwenzori, chimpanzees in Kibale NP, mountain gorillas), incredibly strong experience was the visit to  Virunga NP in DR Congo (active volcano Nyaragongo, Lake Kivu, mountain gorillas) and my latest discovery is absolutely virgin Gabon (forest with unique animal species).

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