You are about to individually to Gabon, would you like to visit “last paradise” Loango NP, but you don’t know how long to spend and which activities? In my opinion, is below the minimum sample itinerary. But it is to be expected that your plans can and is likely to make the weather (rain), the unwillingness of the animals to pose in a good light, and other unexpected complications, so reserve 1-2 days are definitely just for good!

photo from the National  Geographic reports (Michael Nichols):


D1 arrive in Libreville. Obtaining visas, money exchange. By the time the short flight to Port Gentil or overnight in Libreville.

D2 move to Loango NP. (A morning flight to Port Gentil) Then, according to the State of the roads to either 4WD Jeep or boat Omboué (4-5 h drive). From here a 4WD to Loango lodge (1 h). Cruise ships in the lagoon Iguela-chances of hippos, kočkodany, krabi, flocks of birds.

D3 Loango NP is a mosaic of different ecosystems: mangroves, beaches, River forest, a Congolese forest and inland rainforest with huge trees and tropical an open Glade. The first day is appropriate to their new interiors including the best: quest for a single group of habituovaných lowland gorillas in Gabon and one of the few in the world! The wizard forest will be native pygmies, whose abilities are nothing like stopovacím. the chance to experience an unforgettable hour with a wide family of silverbacka cannot be higher.

D4 all day on open savannas and beachfront area where the present Tassi large animals-jungle elephants, buffaloes, red pigs with hairy ears and famous “surfer” hippos.

D5 next day in the River area of Akaka falls, where you can watch the crocodiles, sitatungy, many species of monkeys and a large flock of birds. The pedestrian hiking up the forest will try to track down the wild Western lowland gorillas or chimpanzees.

In the morning visit of the Mission of D6 Saint Anne Fernan Vaz lagoon with metal church designed by Gustav Eifelem (outside the park). transfer to Port Gentil, an afternoon flight to Libreville Libreville, overnight.

D7 flight


This itinerary offers a lot of mainly foreign CK with up to 200% profit margin (for the price of around 7000eur/person), if you can speak English and French you can arrange and “on your own”. Communication with Gabon, is often a lengthy and unpredictable. Therefore, I offer the opportunity to help realize the itinerary. This is not a service, you will directly pay the TA Loango lodge regular price. Contact me directly by email:

Gabon is a very expensive country, particularly on safari! The cost of 1 person in room in a double room for all services of this itinerary in Gabon (accommodation, transport, all safari including the gorillas permitu (460Euro), full Board) it is necessary to count approximately EUR 3000. The cost of accommodation in Loango lodge cannot be significantly reduced. Price does not include international airfare, insurance or visa.

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