With the hope of good weather I get up in the morning at 5 am to be at the main gate of the Park at exactly 6 Kanyanchu, when registering of all participants on the program habutuation experience. Kibale national park is covered with tropical rainforest, which provides shelter to more than 60 species of mammals. Since the animals in the forest, however, is much harder to find than on the Savannah, he specializes in activities associated with the chimpanzees who live outside the forest.  Visitors are offered a standard visit to chimpanzees, which with the apes you can spend exactly one hour (like it is done even for gorillas in Bwindi NP), which in itself is good, because even here you have more than 85% chance that the wizards can find a chimpanzee. A better alternative is a unique program habituace, when you come to the park with the Sun and with the Sun, in turn, leave and you can spend all day watching their behavior and habits, and at least in part to experience the feeling of the object’s discovery that she and Jane Goodall, when It started with your research in Gombe Stream. The habituaci are admitted only small groups, and so at the gate I meet with several Italian photo-enthusiasts, who receive the same program. Even in the dark with the outfit for the whole day, and in every weather we are releasing into the forest. He is still quiet and dark, nature is still waking up. After the one-hour March around about us guide Andrew stops and warns of the danger–is the rare elephant loner. Though he lives in the jungle, this is the same kind that normally we see on the African savannah. Zahlídneme him among the branches, but certainly we can’t zoom in closer, if the lone elephant felt in danger, would be immediately attacked.

We go deeper into the forest and Andrew starts exploring the crowns of trees. It is in the morning and it will awaken in their nests to chimpanzees, which have always on one night of the branches, high in the canopy. Soon we will see a movement, and indeed we find that Crown are literally crawling with chimpanzees. After awakening is followed by breakfast, all obviously takes on the consumption of wild figs, which grow all around. Sometimes we have to dodge the unwelcome shower, when the Chimp upon us the need to decide to do. We are very fortunate, because we can observe the female when the lure of males. Actually it does not consciously, each female, though it is not pregnant, and when we’re not always around ovulation opuchne buttocks. Our male just noticed this swelling, cannot run from the eyes, and chases the female until after it. “The female now will be about 10 days all males copulate gang who shows interest, to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.” Explains Andrew.

As soon as it begins to warm, chimpanzees in bed down from trees, gather in small groups on the ground and the groom each other. We are in their immediate vicinity, although the rules primarily because of possible human infection diseases nakazují at least five-meter distance, but often violate it yourself lodoopi. The Chimp has a 98% in common with humans the gene pool, which makes it our closest relatives, and it’s fun to see how they are alike. After a short time, it is clear that each has its own personality, some are shy, others up to exhibicionističtí and posing in front of the lens directly.  At one point but never sitting for too long. After a few minutes of rise and odběhnou further, sometimes a loud squawking with terror-dropping, which is a common form of their communications. We follow directly through the tropical forest, sometimes fit into the mud, we get šlehance branches and Creepers. It is not about to be say that chimpanzees and bonobos are much more agile when you move the rainforest and faster, so sometimes we run behind them, what do we breath.

In the afternoon, we happily provide respite for a while, when a group of about ten seated in a very photogenic fallen trunks and play each other and cleans the coat, which is their main social activity, like talking with us. As for the photo shoot has some nice angles and situations, the enthusiasm of my Italian colleagues, culminating, in pursuit of the best shot, mindlessly throw stotisícové lenses on the grass, deploying more suitable glass and bones as a race.  Practically during the whole day the chimps are looking for food, in our case, fruits and berries of various trees. “But they are not 100% vegetarian, especially in the dry season supplement a diet of animal proteins, hunts smaller monkeys, such as guarézy, or small antelopes. Those of the Tanzanian parks Mahale and Gombe stream, are known for their fishing for termites, which produces AIDS yourself “again complements our knowledge of Andrew.

In the evening we all completely schvácení, but no one really wants these beautiful creatures to leave and return to the comfort of our hotels. We have loaded the chimpanzee wars, about some crazy games, on the signs of dominant males, yet so much we could see and experience of decades of observation, if possible in a single day. Andrew is an uncompromising, we went too far, we got a few hours to fly back to the gate of the Park. “At least you will want to come again.” he comforts us like little children. And why not, good road connections and reasonable price rank visit chimpanzees in the Kibale among the most affordable major league experiences in Africa.


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